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NPM research solves real world challenges facing Māori. We do so in Māori-determined and inspired ways engendering sustainable relationships that grow the mana (respect and regard) and mauri (life essence) of the world we inhabit.

The excellence and expertise of the Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga researcher network is organised by four Te Ao Māori knowledge and excellence clusters or Pae. Pae are where our researchers rise with Te Ao Māori knowledge, tools and expertise to build a secure and prosperous future for Māori and Aotearoa New Zealand. Pae are purposefully expansive and inclusive, supporting transdisciplinary teams and approaches. Our 2021-2024 programme of work will look to the far future to assure flourishing Māori futures for generations to come. With Māori intended as the primary beneficiaries of our research, our programme will reinforce the firmly established foundations of mātauranga Māori through sound research attuned to the lived experience of Māori.

Four Pātai or critical systems-oriented questions generate transformative interventions and policy advice for stakeholders and next users. All of our research will contribute mātauranga-informed theories, models and evidenced solutions in response to our Pātai. Our Pātai serve to integrate and energise our programme and Pae to synthesize our research for next stage impact and outcomes.

Pae Ahurei

Living Uniquely

Research to cherish and celebrate distinctively Māori futures.

Pae Ora

Living Well

Research to influence positive change for healthy and meaningful lives

Pae Tawhiti

Living Lightly

Research that pursues responsible social, economic and environmental relationships.

Pae Auaha

Living Smartly

Research that creates wise and ethical technological transformations

Pātai Te Ao Māori

How can te reo, tikanga and mātauranga continue to inform our futures?

Pātai Whānau

How can whānau wellbeing be realised in everyday life?

Pātai Mauri

How can mātauranga inform and drive sustainable and just societal practices?

Pātai Puāwai

How can research be used transformatively to accelerate the achievement of flourishing Māori futures?